The name of the band, Barefoot And The Shoes, dates from the early childhood of Brent Buckler where he, as a self-proclaimed alchemist, was trying to reproduce real leather by walking barefoot all the time.

Barefoot And The Shoes is a promising Indie-folk band from Belgium. Their songs range from a stew of alchemical tales and tunes to a hodgepodge of burning sand, licorice root, rag pop, a golden ducat, a shark’s tail and two twigs of rosemary.

Brent Buckler [vocals/guitar/mandolin], Sander Cliquet [backings/guitar/synths], Vincent Lembregts [bass guitar] and Marijn Geerts [drums] stumbled upon each other in 2012 and it was clear from the start they were all marching to the same tune.

In the past they played shows such as Dranouter, Marktrock, Maanrock, Suikkerrock, Ancienne Belgique, Depot Leuven and did supports for Eva De Roovere, Roland and Steven De bruyn, An Pierlé, The Bony King of Nowhere, The Delta Saints, Blackberry Smoke and El Fish.
Besides that they wrote the Creditsong for the Flemish Movie ‘Los Flamencos’ in 2013.

Some past shows summer ’15:
Gentse Feesten (St. Jacobs), Fonnefeesten, Maanrock, Zeverrock, Jour Tibour, Herbakkersfestival, Gevarenwinkelfestival, & more..